Team Scoreboard

Team Scoreboard 2.0

Scoreboard features a simple to use mouse and keyboard interface

Team Scoreboard is an inexpensive and portable alternative to costly physical scoreboards. Using the software scoreboards offers the flexibility to switch between different sports using the same hardware, which fixed scoreboards cannot match. Team Scoreboard features a simple to use mouse and keyboard interface, allowing for easy control of all functions of the computer scoreboard.
Score as many or few teams as you need
Sort teams by current score
Easily accessible full screen mode
Optional secondary control screen
Click and type or tab and type interface for easy control
Fully customizable scoreboard colors
Customizable team names and pictures for easy identification.
Period clock shows and can be set to tenths of a second
High visibility LED digits
Clean and simple design allows for easy reading by spectators
Fits most monitors by adjusting to different display resolutions
Portable USB key allows you to quickly and easily move registration between computers

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